The F5050 (AN/PVS-23) binocular night vision goggle for both ground-based and sea-based applications. The F5050 (AN/PVS-23) is a rugged binocular designed to provide increased depth perception for activities such as off-road driving and high-speed navigation at sea.

The F5050 (AN/PVS-23) binocular has aviation-standard optics and high resolution Gen 3 F9400 (white phosphor) or F9800 (green phosphor) image intensifier tubes. It can be hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted. When hand-held or head-mounted, it is powered by a single AA battery integral to the binocular. When helmet-mounted, it is powered by a rear-mounted battery pack that contains two pairs of AA batteries for extended operational endurance.


• Gen 3 Gated Pinnacle® tubes providing the highest performance and reliability available under all light levels.
• Binocular vision for greater depth perception
• Mounts available for most types of ground helmets
• Integral battery for hand-held or head-mounted use
• Adjustable (spot/flood) IR illumination with wide or narrow beam capability
• Independent eye-span adjustment (IPD)
• Binocular detaches easily from mount
• Rugged construction