Our F4210/F4212 (AN/AVS-6) Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS) enables aviators to conduct and complete night operations during the darkest nights of the year. Fitted with the latest Pinnacle® tubes, the ANVIS offers the best low-light level performance available and significantly reduced halo.

The gated power supply in the image intensifier tubes maintains system resolution even in the presence of bright lights, significantly expanding the capability to operate in changing light conditions. The ANVIS has the same improved positive objective lens focus fitted to the F4949 series of aviation night vision systems, guaranteeing maximum image clarity under all conditions of flight. The lightweight binocular can be mounted to a variety of aviator helmets, including the SPH-4B, the HGU-56/P, and various ALPHA configurations.


  • Gen 3 gated Pinnacle® tubes provide the highest performance available under all light levels encountered during night flying operations
  • Improved objective lens focus maximizes image clarity at all times
  • Optional clip-on power source allows ANVIS usage without helmet
  • Independent eye-span adjustment (IPD) and 25-mm eye relief eyepiece accommodate eyeglasses
  • Low-profile battery pack improves head mobility for aviator while in cockpit and offers increase battery life
  • Class A, B, C, and UK 645 minus-blue filters for objective lens available to suit all types of cockpit lighting, including color displays and fighter HUDs

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