Our F6015 (AN-PVS-14) MNVD is designed for use by the individual soldier in a variety of ground-based night operations. It features the superior performance of the Gen 3 F9415 (white phosphor) or F9815 (green phosphor) image intensifier tube with a variable gain control to achieve an optimum balance in the images seen by both eyes.

The dark-adapted unaided eye provides situational awareness and visibility of close-range objects, while the night vision-aided eye provides long-range visibility of potential threats and targets. This visual flexibility enables the soldier to move quietly and effectively under all night-time conditions.


  • High resolution, high gain, and very high photoresponse in visible and near infrared

  • Multifunctional: handheld as a monocular, head-mounted or helmet-mounted as a single-eye goggle, or weapon-mounted as a night scope

  • Variable gain control for enhanced performance in altering light conditions

  • Lightweight: 355 grams maximum

  • Uses many components and ancillary accessories common to the F5001 series

  • Powered by a universally available AA battery

  • Available with green or white phosphor image intensifier tubes

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