The F7030 Clip-on Weapon Sight enhances the AN/PVS-30 with the addition of the latest high-performance Generation 3 (Gen 3) night vision image intensification, developed in conjunction with Knight’s Armament Company. The weapon sight is ideal for front-line and long-range rifles and day scopes, and easily attaches on the Picatinny rail.

The patented technology and extended focus makes the product easy to use from the shooting position and ensures no boresight degradation of the range- tested day scope. When the F7030 is mounted in front of the existing day scope, eye relief and cheek weld are undisturbed. The refractive lens provides high-performance light collection in a lightweight design, and is optimized for use with ADS-Inc. green or white phosphor image intensifiers.


  • Enhancement of the AN/PVS-30

  • Uses ADS-Inc. Generation 3 image intensifier tubes

  • Optimized for use with green or white phosphor image intensifier tubes

  • Features patented Single Interchangeable Battery (SIB)® technology

  • Operational with either CR123 (exceeds battery life of 36 hours) or AA (exceeds battery life of 24 hours) batteries

  • Low power consumption – can run on depleted flashlight batteries in an emergency

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