The ENVG-B provides overmatch capability to the warfighter with a platform that integrates heads-up situational awareness and un-matched capabilities to own the networked battlefield. Wireless connection to the rifle mounted thermal weapon sight allows for rapid target acquisition, augmented reality, and Nett Warrior interface and provides the warfighter lethal capability to engage in close combat operations.

The ENVG-B system is a modular, helmet-mounted, passive electro-optical night vision long wave infrared (LWIR) imaging device in a binocular configuration. The system integrates dual image intensification (I2) sensors with the LWIR imagery, offering heads-up situational awareness and ISW compliance. The ENVG-B also offers side stow, which allows the system to be operated in a monocular configuration. It has an integrated IR illuminator and mounts on all helmets currently in military inventory. The ENVG-B has a multi-point wireless interface to the Family of Weapon Sights – Individual (FWS-I) as well as Small Tactical Optical Rifle Mounted Micro-Laser Range Finder (STORM MLRF), and is compatible to Nett Warrior in order to provide data and power management to the ENVG-B. The FWS-I and Nett Warrior input will support Rapid Target Acquisition (RTA) capability and Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities on the ENVG-B.


  • Features Gen 3 enhanced performance white phosphor image intensifier tubes and fused thermal imaging 
  • Optimal display resolution of 1280 x 1024 with best-in-class 10 micron thermal camera resolution of 640 x 480 
  • Smart battery pack offers extended battery life 
  • Detection range of greater than 500 meters 
  • Protection from cyber vulnerability controls 

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