Our F5001 (AN/PVS – 7) night vision goggles enable military ground forces to conduct critical missions during the darkest nights of the year.

The F5001 (AN/PVS – 7) has been human engineered for long-wearing comfort. It can be hand-held, helmet-mounted, or head-strap mounted for hands-free operation. Advanced Defense Systems, Inc. offers the popular F5001 (AN/PVS – 7) night vision goggle with various accessory options – all designed to meet individual customer performance requirements.


  • Optimum resolution, high gain, and photo response to near infrared
  • Head or helmet-mounted for hands-free operation
  • Uses universally available “AA” batteries

  • Quick-release lever permits one-handed attachment/detachment from helmet or head harness

  • Rugged design to accomodate varying ground operations conditions

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